How to wear vintage nowadays

365 Outfit Challenge

How to wear vintage nowadays? Well, of course, beside the “remaking” of a vintage costume or remaking of an “era” outfit? Some of us do both- wear vintage in the old fashion way but also mix vintage with some new elements that can make you “live” more in the present and also stand out in a nice way!

I will for sure detail some “tips and tricks” about this in a future post while I will explain how I did it with the outfit I’m wearing in here!

So I am wearing: Vintage 70’s white skirt- soon here, vintage 80s blue net blouse- soon here, a faux-leather jacket, a grey coat and a pair od sneakers with socks!

While the whole ensemble (includind the coat and jacket) are looking pretty vintage together, the “surprise” comes from the sneakers wich weren’t so popular back in the old days in outfits with dresses or skirts! This is the element that stands out in this outfit!

The make up also plays a big role and also does the hair do! Since I’m not wearing a vintage signature make-up or hair-do I also seem to be more in the present. At the same time- I am wearing an easy daily make-up that could look ok with any kind of outfit.

Jewelry it’s also important. For sure there are pieces that are can make your look more present (I am thinking minimalist style-wich in jewelry became popular in the last years….corect me if I’m wrong).

Hope you like my outfit and check back soon for more ideas about mixing vintage with today’s styles!

IMG_6070 IMG_6088 IMG_6093 IMG_6104 IMG_6110

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