How to style sneakers

How I wear it- 4 styles How TO

I’ve always loved to style sneakers! I mean as long as I can recall :). It’s easier for me to wear them, especially because I’m always late.

You’ll wonder what’s the connection between being late and spotting sporting shoes. Well, sport shoes are made for running and I run every single day for two buses! So yes it’s important to have a nice pair of flat shoes. It makes it easier not to break your neck.

I’m sure you know Nancy’s Sinatra song and the verse that goes with it: “These boots are made for walking” and the video that shoes a pair of high boots.. We can make a comparison and a new song along with it: “These sneakers are made for running, and that’s just what they’ll do!”.

So yes, I embraced the sneakers trend with my heart open and my feet happier than ever.

And yes, I disagree with all these bloggers that appear to wear impossibly high shoes with all the outfits while you can see their feet are crippled. There’s a saying in our language “Baba sufera la frumusete”  which translates to “the old lady suffers for beauty” but I don’t understand why you would like to suffer everyday just for the sake of an outfit?

Here are a few ideas on how I wore sneakers and in the future I’ll show you more ideas on how to wear them on any occasion!

  1. Make the sneakers the IT item! The outfit should be simple, minimal but the sneakers should be as colorful or interesting as they can be!



2. Wear it with a long dress! The one I’m spotting is a sporty one(it has a comfy material). This way both the sneakers and the dress will stand out because they are opposite to one another!




3. Prints, prints, prints in an office look! Here with a short skirt and shirt, they fit because the whole ensemble goes well together and the prints are rather small on every piece!



4. With a short dress! It’s my belief that sneakers go well with everything that’s short (dress, skirt, pants) because the whole ensemble makes you look and feel more athletic, like a tennis player 😀




5. With a long skirt– they might be cover by it or the skirt might be just above them. It’s a bit tricky here because you have to choose wisely the pair of sneakers and the lenght and style of the skirt.

I liked the outfit you see down here a lot because I found the perfect match (from my point of view).




So how do you like to wear your sneakers? Please share your sneakers story I’m eager to know how many of “bus runners” are out there!


Love, Anda 🙂

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