Postcards Salonul Bicicletei 2016


Since I went to Salonul Bicicletei this weekend, I wanted to share with you some pics I’ve taken there! I don’t have so many details because altough I am an entusiath of biking, I love biking in towns or rural areas but on trails and tracks. Beside this I don’t like biking competitions. I don’t know why, don’t ask me that :)) I’ve never been to any of them yet and the idea doesn’t atracts me. I like to win at games but when it comes to sport I really like team games so maybe if there is (is there?) a bike competition involving teams I would like to try it!

The nice thing is that at Salonul Bicicletei I’ve met again with the amazing girls from Skirtbike! In a partenership with BikeChic they’ve organised a really nice parade with girls and bikes who marched around the halls from Salonul Bicicletei.

Beside this SkirtBike had an amazing corner where they’ve presented this year event! PS: Save the date: 15 May 2016!



BikeChic is an event that happens every weekend where you can ride alongside with girls in town! It’s a fun way to meet people that have the same interests as you do!

I was lucky to be one of the girls who went on the parade, spotting an urban outfit that you can see below!


photo by George David


I will also add more pics with the outfit in a future post!

So, as a designer, I mostly spotted the details there! I was and will be in love with town bikes as the ones from La Vita e Velo! I mean Brompton is a must have in our world with small apartments and small storage areas, right?!





Here are the pics, I don’t really know what were these bikes about, I just liked how they looked 😀 If you have any idea please do tell!



These cute bike holders are from Holdmybike!



And here’s my favourite Pegas that was just launched on last Thursday, it’s called Classic!



Love, A.

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