Memories from the past

365 Outfit Challenge Put some fiction on it

OK, I don’t know what’s with this title :)) Memories from the past while I just want to talk a little bit (but just a little bit!) about Outlander that on 9th of April just launched the second season!

And while I didn’t see the new episodes (cuz’ I’m a binge-watcher, even tough I’m not sure I will resist until next week and start seeing what it’s already launched) I already am a bit disappointed about the fact that they moved in France in this second season.

What attracted me in the first season I guess won’t appear so much in the second one: language and accent, the amazing green highlands, the costumes, the guys (ohhh  yeah!), the concept of time traveling.

So since I’ve liked so much the first season I’ve put a lot of thought and figure out I want to reinterpret an outfit from the movie!


  1. I wanted to picture my favorite character
  2. The outfit comes in handy when it’s cold outside ( it was extremely cold when I made the pics)
  3.  I secretly always wanted to be some kind of hero/character/bad-ass

So here it goes, I know I’m not a redhead but please bear with!

Wool Skirt- soon on Selenefashion, White shirt- soon on Selenefashion, boots and jacket- Zara, Handmade tights, Wool black jakcet- HM

IMG_6865IMG_6858IMG_6885 IMG_6897 IMG_6910 IMG_6917 IMG_6925 IMG_6950


Who I am trying to be? Well, I’ll let you take a wild guess! And even if you don’t know the series if haven’t watched them you can jut watch the trailer to answer this simple question!

Love, A.


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