Vintage wear-counts as recycling

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As you might or might not know my last post was about recycling and fashion week revolution and yes, vintage counts as recycling! So, while I explain my pro and cons for H&M recycling I tough about sharing with you how to make the best with what we have, even when recycling! So here’s today’s lesson: How to recycle clothes!

 Recycling begins with understanding! Weird right? Why do you want to give away your clothes? Are they “out of fashion”, are they ruined, are the materials not ok?

After you acknowledge the problem with your clothes we get to step two! If the clothes are ok but you don’t like them anymore or they have small defects then you have the option to give them away! Where?

a. You can either find someone who wants them or even better who needs clothes.

b. If you don’t know anyone in this situation you can donate them to a charity program. They will donate them to people in need. There are plenty of organisation that do this and they’re even specialized on different types of clothes (children, women, men, etc.)

c. Use the internet- there are Facebook groups and other types of groups. I am for a long time already in a group called Freecycle and it also works for clothes 🙂

d. Put them into a recycling container. We have just one of them in Bucharest right now, the one from Czech Institute, but I’ve seen that in many countries there are many more even in rural areas

e. You can give them to Thrift stores– we don’t have this option here, but it might happen that you do 🙂

f. Make a Swap! If you have friends that have the same taste as you it’s a nice way to refresh your wardrobe!

g. Participate in Yard Sales, Garden Sale or in any place where you can sell your clothes. Like this you’ll gain some money and you won’t feel like you lost your money on the window 😀

And yes guys, vintage counts as recycling because that’s what it is, you buy clothes that were worn before instead of buying something new that encourge fast fashion and mass production!

And here are the photos with the Vintage dress– that is now in shop!










Love, A.

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