DIY egg table decor


Since it was Easter a few days ago I had the mission to prepare the decoration for the Easter table at my parents house! Of course I needed something with a big impact and with minimum investment, practically no money involved whatsoever!

Yes, I had some experience with this type of table decor since I had to do it for a few years now with the same budget :)) wich is zero.

Si I started searching what we had home and this is what I found:

  • eggs- because Easter and stuff :))
  • flowers- because it’s spring so there are a few flowers that bloomed – In my case lilac
  • baby’s breath- wich don’t count as flowers for me because you can’t find them growing in the wild. Myself I found them in a bouquet my mother had as a gift.
  • scissors
  • permanent marker with a fine tip (a non toxic one )
  • glue (one that’s a little stronger and not toxic)
  • copper wire or a really thin wire
  • a piece of mealmine edge- I used it to make some quick egg holders since we don’t have any

I found the tutorial on Pinterest a few years ago and always wanted to give it a try! Here is the initial tutorial and below the pics with my little creations 😛






IMG_8188 IMG_8187

IMG_8184 IMG_8190

I hope you liked it!

Love, A


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