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How I wear it- 4 styles

Guess what lovely peopleeee! This week it’s Skirtbike Bucharest and I am eager to gooo! And another surprise! They have a great event that will go on all day long!

The event will start on 14 May with a Skirtbike Picnic and will end the second day with the parade and a cool festival! And it has also a theme: #pinup, #rockability so of course I have to start thinking about my dress up for Saturday!

I’ve searched trough my pictures and even tough I have lots and lots of pics with vintage clothes, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have any #pinup outfits on the blog! Why is that? You can read it a bit lower!

Here’s the poster of the event! Cool right? It’s made by


Why I don’t have pin-up outfits on my blog? Well, I never liked that style because I though that when it appeared it was oversexualizing women’s image, objectifying women. It was a big surprise to find out that pinup actually break trough in 1890 and it was a type of advertise for the burlesque women.  And here comes the catch, which makes pin-ups part of the feminist movement , from wiki “Being recognized not only within the theater itself but also outside challenged the conventions of women’s place and women’s potential in the public sphere”.

So yes, pin-ups had their bad vibe times when they represented as “women who wore beautiful dresses and heels every day while milling around the house, dusting, sweeping, and baking” being the perfect and subordinate sexy women.

However, after 60 years, pin-up has become just a fashion style and women understood (after passing trough the 70’s and the 80’s when their wardrobe was also heavy inspired by men’s) that being sexy and know it means that you’re strong!

And here are the inspiring photos! A few photos are from the blog, they’re not #pinup but have some elements borrowed,  you can find them here:


6 thoughts on “Skirtbike 2016 #pinupgirls”

  1. I looove the pin-up style! I would not be able to pull it off, because I’m just your next door casual girl, but love it 🙂
    Have fun at this skirt bike event!

  2. I like that the pin ups of old had a lot of clothes on, sexy but not naked. I think your pictures look good among the others even though they are not classic pin up pics! 🙂

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