The pattern dress

365 Outfit Challenge

Remember that a week ago I’ve made a few pics in the green lands back at home? Well, I have more of that green and also a bit more of this cute dress that I like a lot! What can I say, I love these patterns even thought they look pretty messed up right? So, since I like patterns so much I want to share with you some pattern that I love!

1. This fresh pattern from Saddo

2. This cool embroidery 

3. These fungus that have such crazy colors

4. This 3D fabric that folds

5. This drawing called “IN THE CITY”

I hope you liked it!


IMG_8117 IMG_8080 IMG_8104 IMG_8102 IMG_8090 IMG_8075 IMG_8071

I hope you liked it! The dress is not vintage altough I choose it because it looked a lot like one!

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