The Skirtbike Parade

365 Outfit Challenge

The happy moment of the SkirtBike parade has come!! So as you know already I’ve prepared an outfit inspired by the #pinup style!

Even tough I didn’t wear anything #vintage in this outfit, a funny fact is that I kind of have this stocking for more than 15 years so if I wait more than 5 years they’ll become vintage. Why? Because it’s considered that more than 20 years results in vintage things. So basically things from ’96 are vintage all right! Weird, since it feels like they were just a few years ago.

I am going to stop my babbles right now and invite you to see the pics!

And don’t forget “Power to the bicycle women!” 😉


IMG_8384IMG_8363 IMG_8377 IMG_8360 IMG_8357 IMG_8355

Love, A

8 thoughts on “The Skirtbike Parade”

  1. Loved every pic of yours! You truly achieved the pin up girl style. 🙂
    My hats off to you for cycling in those high hills. I would twist my ankle even by looking at them. 🙂

  2. 1996 doesn’t seem vintage at all, it wasn’t long ago, right? ?
    Love your outfit, and the stockings look great!

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