Comic Con 2016- What I wore

365 Outfit Challenge What I Wore

Another year and we went again at Comic Con! Because of the lack of time I didn’t prepare any costumes for this edition and I felt a little bit bad, especially when I saw the costumes there! Unlike last year there weren’t so many nice Cosplay costumes! So yeah…I wished I could dress up in some magical super killing heroine or I don’t know Gumball. :)))

Because I couldn’t have the time to make a costume, I remembered that I had a super cute T-shirt that I didn’t had the opportunity to wear before! And the fact is that just a little saying on this shirt that can make anyone feel amazing! Just my humble opinion! 😀

And btw the funny fact about this shirt is that I received it from Sebastien Millon because I gave him an idea of a new illustration! And yeah, I totally love his art! You can find his creations on his site:

And here are my outfit pics and a few Cosplay pics!

IMG_8548 IMG_8553 IMG_8564 IMG_8568 IMG_8578 IMG_8593


And here are the Cosplay pics!


IMG_8596 IMG_8599 IMG_8608 IMG_8613 IMG_8624 IMG_8632

Hope you like them!

Anda 🙂

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