First day in Paris

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So, this is Paris! Nooo…it’s not Sparta! Just Paris, a flooded Paris (at least that’s what they say to me) but still Paris! 😛

Ok, I’ve been repeating that word for far to many times! Yes, I was in the so called city of love and I have the photos to prove it :p. Not that I need to prove anything, that’s just how the expression goes :P. First of all I need to make myself understood, I’m not a social animal, I’m not that type of tourist that will blow you off your feet with the intense and imaginary world he’s discovered, not the one that lurked trough bars and cafes and knows where to find the best “foie-gras’ in town while having an amazing time with a beautiful “parisienne”! Nope, nothing like that! I’m a sleeper folks! I like to sleep…like..everywhere! In the car, in the airplane, bus, metro, you name it! And of course the hotel room is one of my favorite places! I mean someone’s changing the sheets for you and it smells like fresh things each and every day!

So yeahh.. I didn’t see much of Paris the first day we arrived because I’ve slept most of it! Our choice of airport and flight wasn’t the brightest either because we left from Bucharest at 6.00 AM (that means we left home at 3.00 AM) to arrive on Beauvais airport. Wich in case you don’t know it’s 100 km far away from Paris :))). Because of the rush hour we made 2 and half hours to Port Maillot and we arrived at our hotel at noon. And I felt I needed some sleep, wich I had, until 5.00 PM.

Since the sky was grey and it felt like evening already so we’ve chosen to take a tour on the Seine. So we took the metro to Trocadero because I liked that spot from my previous trip to Paris. We made some photos there. Btw I love the rain and the foggy Tour was kind of a Gothic romantic view!

Here they are!

I am wearing a Femei pe Matasari T-shirt with a illustration made by Saddo, a pair of yellow pants from and a vintage backpack, jewelry from HM.

IMG_8700 IMG_8703 IMG_8711 IMG_8717 IMG_8719 IMG_8722 IMG_8730

Even tough the weather wasn’t very nice I was actually really happy about beeing there mostly because I was in a much needed holiday! So, even after it started raining really bad, and I had to put over all the clothes I had and a festival raincoat, I had a big and dumb smile on my face and all the people( turists) I encounter were similing back! Wich felt really nice!

We arrived near the Seine and had a look at the shore but we couldn’t understand so well how we could arrive to the boats. So we crossed the bridge to arrive at the Tour Eiffel, but we didn’t want to climb.

As a disclaimer we don’t have a TV and don’t watch the news, so when we arrived again on the Seine “quai” we didn’t understood, again, how we can board on a boat. Until I’ve seen on the very edge of the water a person with huge fisherman boots. Just after that we also discovered the advertising panels tops in the middle of water and I suddenly remebered that the river used to have a quay, and it was quite large. And just after that we realised that the river was flooding and there was no chance for us to have a boat trip! :))

We returned to the hotel , had a brunch and back to sleep! 😀

Love, A

7 thoughts on “First day in Paris”

  1. Wonderful Paris! Been twice and will probably be back again!
    Love the yellow earrings and pants! (And i don’t really like yellow…)

  2. Absolutely love your outfit. The sunny yellow for the overcast day. And the earrings.
    What a fun story about the flooded quay.
    Enjoy your holidays.

  3. The photos are gorgeous and your yellow trousers are smashing! … and I like sleeping too. It started to be one of my favorite pastimes once I had my children and sleeping more than two hours a time was a rare occasion.

  4. haha, yes Paris is flooded right now. But it’s kinda cool you got to see it that way, as it’s truly unique!
    Are you back from Paris already or still staying there? I’m gong on Wednesday, so if you still are, we could meet.

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