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Here comes the post about the second day in Paris! As I told you in my previous Paris post,while we were there it was raining cats and dogs in the first day! And yes, it was still raining the second day when we woke up! And yes, I got back to sleep because of that!

Yep, the second day didn’t start early either, and I truly hope that for every holiday I’ll be in! :))

So in our second day I felt the cold and rain more than the day before. It didn’t pour, but since it was calmly raining than stopping and so on, I didn’t felt the need to put up and put down the rain coat every 20 minutes. So at the end of the day I was soaked and couldn’t wait to get into the hotel room. We had a few breaks when we went into museums ( just get rapidly dried :)))), we weren’t on a cultural haul :P) but that was it. But, even tough we didn’t had the best weather, we still had a great time! So we went to Place de la Concorde and trough the Jardin des Tuileries until we got to the Louvre. We went inside to dry ourselves 😀 and after that we took the metro to our next destination.

We arrived to Sacre Coeur, watched a gray and foggy Paris from the hill and went on the other side in one of the most beautiful district of Paris- Montmartre, full of villas with artists history.

We wandered in this neighborhood a few hours, especially because there weren’t any tourists there 🙂

Here are the photos from Jardin de Tuileries! Even tough you might find the choice of dress too pretentious- believe me it was amazing for that weather. I actually felt more warm with it than with pants on! 😛

IMG_8813 IMG_8847 IMG_8850 IMG_8856 IMG_8860 IMG_8866 IMG_8916 IMG_8918 IMG_8925 IMG_8935 IMG_8940

6 thoughts on “Paris day two”

  1. Wonderful dress!
    Your post made me think back to when I was in Paris three years ago (we had a bit better luck with the weather, cold but not rainy).

  2. I wear maxi dresses like this all the time! I don’t like a cold breeze on my leg! The only thing is that when it is warm, you go sleeveless and when it is cold you have long sleeves!

    I love love love love love this look. Did I say love?

  3. This is a very pretty look. But, yes, definitely overdressed for Paris LOL Did you notice too, that people are dressed super conventional there? Unlike Milan or Rome or even London?

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