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Did I told you how much I liked place Dalida and Montmartre? Well, I did like it! A lot! The whole neighborhood has a romantic and calm flavor! That whole part had a great deal of villas with o much green around and interior gardens ready to be explored by the right eyes.
I admit I didn’t knew anything about Dalida, who she was and why was a place named after her, but after I returned home I read a little bit about her and her huge and successful career. If you want to read more about it there are tons of blogs that talk about her life, proving that she has lots of fans, even now, after almost 30 years of her death.

She seemed a strong women that had to pass trough a lot in her life, a women that learned how to became stronger but also more beautiful! She became  an icon for the period in which she’s living, not just a star but a phenomenon.

If you want to read more about her amazing life- here’s a link about it, and a video where her amazing voice proves outstanding.

And here are the pics from that beautiful place!

The blouse is vintage and it will be here soon! 😉

IMG_9070 IMG_9081 IMG_9083 IMG_9088 IMG_9093 IMG_9101 IMG_9107

Love, Anda

6 thoughts on “Paris- place Dalida”

  1. yes i’ve known about Dalida for quite some time, having grown up in french switzerland. i’m listening to your link at this very moment. she was one of the biggest stars in france in the 70s.—oh yeah you kinda said that already. thanks again for lovely pics. i haven’t been to paris for about a decade. all cities should have a least one neighbourhood like that. i’m actually just retaining my joy about the new dimension introduced. expect good news.

  2. What a great outfit. I hope I will get brave enough one day to wear a skirt like this 🙂
    Did not know Dalida, but will listen to your link later on.

  3. French speaking Belgian here so very familiar with Dalida…she pretty much was the embodiment of everything I hated when I was a teenager LOL I am a bit kinder to her now, but what a sad person she was…and what a sad life she had…

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