Stranded from a barrel

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We’ve made to the sea this year! 🙂 We don’t go there so often  because we don’t like the blue blue sea so much (porque es muy caliente)! And beside this the Romanian sea-coast is overrated. There are few places that could pass, but the discrepancies are so big that it’s better to spend your weekend in an European city break!

Instead on the mountains it’s like thousand times better! And colder! For someone who spends the rest of the weekend in Bucharest without AC I would imagine that even in Cuca Macaii is better! (yes, this village exists and it has a form of a running Yeti!)

As I was saying, Romanian seaside it’s not my thing, so on my Facebook feed( which is some kind of info panel for me lately) appeared some cool places around here that needed to be studied closer. And since we decided to thin the visits that require a passport we thought about going somewhere reachable by train. ( because no, we don’t have a car- and no we’re not against it- we just had other priorities.. plus we’re poor :)) )

So we discovered this marvel! In the mountains, exaclty what we’ve like, in a tent (and what a tent!). The perfect spot for reading! And then we also got a glimpse of the price- annnnnd it wasn’t so cool for us, the people without the car and without so much money in our pockets! It’s on the wishlist however, because it’s too good to miss.

So we’ve picked our next best place from our top! And it was at the sea :). What can I tell you about  Colonia la Butoaie– is that the place is really nice and the people there too. In the barrels wasn’t so hot as I expected, it was actually ok, considering the heat. And the beach in front of it , El Sol, was freaking amazing, with so many hammocks! That’s where I’ve spend my whole two days!

The bad thing is that when you got out of the “colony” or got out of the set-up beach, it was chaos around and you realized you live in a small bubble. The worst was the food, because the so called restaurants had really bad food and you could have get sick. You had the possibility to bring your own food to cook in the colony but that for the car folks- and we ain’t ones :).

Below some pics with the colony, so that you get the feeling 😉


IMG_0967 IMG_1035 IMG_1017 IMG_1032 IMG_1028 IMG_1006 IMG_0981 IMG_0978

Transmisiunea din butoi se incheie aici, incepem sa pierdem semnalul…


Anda 🙂


7 thoughts on “Stranded from a barrel”

  1. I had no idea this place existed! It looks interesting and bohemian, just my cup of tea! And I see on their FB page that they recommend a fish restaurant/”cherhana” nearby …

  2. When I was a child, we always had the same discussion, go to the sea or to the mountain….I was voted for the water and I love your photos!!!!! So cool!

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