El Sol Beach

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Helllo folks!

Here I am, back again with some photos from the seaside ( you know.. where I’ve been stranded from a barrel on a Black Sea’s beach). I won’y get in details today. I’m just gonna put some pictures from the beach, that’s in front of Coloniei Butoaielor, and it’s one of the best beaches I’ve been.

I think there are a lots of nice beaches like this one, kind of hippie, creative- like (Oha Beach,Plaja Expirat or the wild Plaja Corbu-just a few examples that came into my mind ).

So,  El Sol beach (not an inspired name if you ask me because it has nothing to do with South America or Spain as a matter of fact) it’s lovely! Why is that? Well, it ha a few ingredients that make it successful: cool music (which makes you relax and nap all day), plenty of hammocks and a beach bar that has a heavenly pina-colada!

A few photos made on the beach down here! I’ll prepare a post with the music you can listen there! Stay tunned!

Ps: I am wearing my favorite vintage skirt from this summer

IMG_1044 IMG_1049 IMG_1054 IMG_1069 IMG_1072 IMG_1077 IMG_1094


Love, A

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