Ways to wear a dress

365 Outfit Challenge

Of course each and every one of you will choose the “proper” way to wear it: a simple dress with a pair of nice shoes that go just amazing together. But let’s face it, everybody does it and once you’ve worn the dress in a few occasions you feel the need to give it a new turnover that will get both you and it out of anonymity.

So here are a few ideas on how to make your dress, not look like a dress anymore:

  1. Wear it over a pair of pants
  2. Wear it with a skirt over- this can be tricky but it’s not impossible
  3. Cover it in layers- in cold weather a big over sized sweater on top of it might be a great idea
  4. Get a shirt or T-shirt underneath it- a 90s style tip that came back this season
  5. Wear over a skirt- pencil skirts are the best in this combo


And here are the pics, I wear a red dress over a pair of jeans- a nice and comfy look for a night out 🙂


IMG_0136 IMG_0141 IMG_0143 IMG_0147

Love, A

3 thoughts on “Ways to wear a dress”

  1. I like to wear sweaters on top of dresses, mainly because I never find the perfect comfy skirts and it’s much warmer it winter.
    So yes for using a dress as a skirt 😀

  2. Not much for wearing dresses myself. But that outfit I would wear for sure!
    That t-shirt tip gives me flashbacks to my 20’s (yes I am that old).

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