What’s wrong with the new H&M video campaign


Although I have not posted for a long time- I’m back now (and hopefully for good) with a post related to the new H&M campaign. At the end you have a few pictures with a partly vintage outfit – to keep the tradition. 🙂

 Let’s return to the H&M campaign-I don’t not know if you noticed but big business campaigns are becoming more specific for certain types of buyers. It’s normal that these companies want to make profit and grow. What’s wrong here? That in these campaigns are used certain “looks” and ideas just for profit and that do not aid those cases. Usually they make you feel special, unique and beautiful, under the premise that you are different. Basically you confirm what you already knew – you’ve always been a great but when it is validated by a strong brand it becomes more important, doesn’t it?

Now, what about this campaign from H&M? On the rhythms of “She’s a Lady” (cover the Lion Babe) are presented stereotypes of strong women who feel good in their skin. And that’s great, of course! Plus size models, women with hair armpits, trans models, boxers ?! (we have no feminine for boxer in Romanian which is sad ..). I liked the video cuz’ it has a really cool vibe! Then- what’s the problem? It’s just an advertisement! More than that-is an advertisement that wants to show  you that H&M says something extraordinary, says it supports women -each and every one of them.

Here’s the catch- H&M does not support women-take for example in Asia- their female employees who are paid below market price, working from morning to night – and are also dismissed when they become pregnant.

 And it’s not just about its employees (where many other irregularities have all surfaced last year) but also their shops where-for example- the plus-size clothes are found only in certain locations.

After all- we really need to be told what we already know? And if we really need encouragement let’s pay attention to the people around us who count and not only want companies that profit from even our emotions.

 And below a few pictures and some earrings vintage pullover H&M because I am a complex person, ok ?! : P

img_6594 img_6595 img_6598 img_6618 img_6622 img_6631

9 thoughts on “What’s wrong with the new H&M video campaign”

  1. H&M always “say” one thing to the public, and real life is another. It is sad.
    But that pullover looks good on you!

  2. Well, most big fashion companies are in for the win, but to their defend (can’t believe I defend them) they often have not much power over the working force, as they work with factories, who themselves work with smaller factories, where the issues arise. (security, over-work, etc.)
    The core issue, is truly us, always wanting more cheap clothes. Since that demand is so strong, companies will do anything to give us that.
    If we all would buy a lot less and willing to pay more for fair trade goods, the whole situation would look very different.
    On the other hand, if you look at how bad garment factories used to be in the US in the beginning, there might be hope.
    In a way, what’s needed are people over there, fighting to change the law in countries where workers are being completely exploited.

    Which, of course, is a bit more complicated.
    Unless you want to study law and go abroad to find solutions for the workers, best to stick to brands that offer fair trade clothes and have a real ethic and support various programs that help people earn a living and let the children go to school. Because the more educated the kids will be, the better the chances the laws will change for the better.

    As always, knowledge is our only hope.

  3. You are a complex and pretty personn you should say…
    You look great on this pictures.
    For H&M… I love what they design and ad campaigns are great… but i feel really inconfortable with the way some their employes have to work. So i try not to buy as i did before.

  4. You chose a great topic and you see the points – what is acceptable and what is not. Million advertisement surround us today, if a company wants a big boom, need a special topic (dos not matter believe, follow or not).
    Your vintage pullover in a pretty good shape:)

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