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Helllllo all!

You know what I would like to see more on TV? More people with some sense of that care about other people, nature, animals and so on! Yeah, I don’t own a TV but I am right now watching from time to time a show(online) that is broadcast-ed in Romania “Bravo ai stil” now and then- to see how the competitors made their outfits. You can’t see unusual stuff and sometimes the outfits are pretty dull but there are times when the creativity sparks.

Buttt, what I dislike about this show is the amount of intentional gossip in it, because here only gossip attracts views. And another important aspect is that the discussion of eco fashion, of wearing vintage or being careful to choose products that exclude animal cruelty is down zero.

I began watching the show because I was following the photography page of one of the contestants- that wears vintage often- and I was thunderstruck-ed by the amount of hate and disgust some of the team and the some time the jury towards her. And don’t get me started about people who watch the show and comment on Facebook, Instagram and so on! It’s outrageous! I admire each and every girl in this contest for being brave because I am sure it’s not easy to receive so many hate messages!

Yes, I am sad that the daily winners are based on who has more money to spend on big brands (or more friends that have money and lent you big brands), on who has a clean style but no creativity.

It’s so sad that the vast majority has an idol that has a lot of clothes , the only positive thing it’s she’s also creative( in a moderate way-adding a wow factor)- but lacks the style since she’s a rag bag.  And what’s even sadder it’s that with a small exception (Iulia Albu) no one cares about animals. And don’t get me started about making less fashion related waste, trying to be more Eco, making ethical choices when buying clothes. Nothing like that in their agenda! Instead bring on the clothes, the more the better…

The show is also found under the name Your Style Rocks in other countries if you’re curious

Down below it’s an outfit all vintage, because YES YOU CAN! be stylish with vintage clothes and without hurting animals or polluting the nature!


img_7914 img_7928 img_7934 img_7936 img_7946 img_7961 img_7964

12 thoughts on “This vintage affair”

  1. Interesting subject. I converted to eco cosmetics ages ago abandoning all commercial brands, In fashion, I find it more difficult but is my wish to be able to do the same. Cute outfit!

  2. This blouse is beautiful and your thoughts about the show …. i think you are right, this word is not really supportive:(( To be famous (even a little bit) means you have to face with negative words and so much critics…..

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