Some kind of comeback

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So here I am again, after a long longgg pause that I intend to put an end to it right now!

Let’s hope I’m not going too drop it 😀

So what was up all this time I’ve been missing? Let’s say that my job took up a big pile of time and I couldn’t get out of the house. So nooooo, it wasn’t about the fact that I totally hate cold and couldn’t get out the house :))). Nope!

But now, since the temperature started to get higher and higher, my time has come again!

And as I told you before, with the coming of spring, the outdoor events started getting more frequent. So I had an amazing weekend with the girls from the Skirtbike community, on my first bicycle ride this year. We went to Miniprix with the bycicles- a 34 km ride on the main road. It’s not the nicest ride because there are many cars in Bucharest and the road to Otopeni was full with them (everyone wanted to profit of the nice weekend outside of the city). But it was a good exercise and a pleasure to do it among so many girls!

You know that feeling of girl power? I always feel empowered when I meet them gurlz! We are all different, all coming from different backgrounds, doing different things- with a strong sense of independence and the love for bicycle!

So even tough we haven’t seen amazing architecture or beautiful landscapes when we arrived we felt energized and happy. And there was Prajiturela with cookies (OMG that Pavlova totally rules) and the girls from Miniprix with a cool promotion to clothes! (okay it was for bride and party dresses if you really want to know :P; I’ve tried to stay away from all that glitter :P- trying to minimize the dress collection I have :)) )

And down below is a pic with an outfit from another ride I had with Skirtbike on Sunday! Since it was Salonul Bicicletei, we made a special ride in the Herastrau Park- in the Japanese Park- where all the cherries were in bloom. <3

I would say it was a good start for this Spring and that it will continue in the same way!

I am wearing a vintage dress, from Paris, soon in the online shop, boots from Miniprix, jacket Zara, Meli Melo headpiece


IMG_4214 IMG_4217 IMG_4222 IMG_4223 IMG_4236

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