Spring “cleaning” glass design


Yes, I know it’s the hardest part of the upcoming spring but let’s face it, we should clean our houses for spring right?!!! 😀

The hardest part from the spring cleaning is washing the windows at least for me it is :P. Thinking about it, i wanted to share some finds with you. No, it’s not about big windows :))) but it’s somehow related. Here are some glass objects that I really like at this moment:


from John Pomp

via Homeadore

by Frederik Delbart via beopenfuture


from Spoon & Tamago’s summary of the Tama Art University Class of 2012 Product Design via iainclaridge.co.uk

by Antonio da Ros via elemenop123.blogspot.com

by DB Glassworks via design-milk.com


by benjamin hubert studio via designboom

by Welmadeproducts via apartmenttherapy

via zzkko

And here are some DIY ideas 🙂

via annaleenashem

via blog.freepeople.com

this is not a diy project and here’s where you can find this great chandelier: PaniJurek

Don’t forget to check out for part II the upcoming days!!!

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