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Hello dears!

I have many news for you today!

This week will be SkirtBike here in Bucharest so of course I am looking forward to some nice bicycle rides with the girls!!

There are many activities that you can do while at SkirtBike: Bike Fashion show, Bike repair ateliers, “Portret de Biciclistă”, workshops  and actually this weekend is one dedicated to women here in Bucharest since there also the “Femei pe Matasari” Festival.

I love to bike (don’t we all?! ) and I always try to do it in style!

Here’s a sneak-peak of my fashion style on the bike:

And here are some more outfits that would go lovely on the bike!


Need some inspiration for this week-end? Here it goes:


A vintage dress goes always amazing with your bike style! And the flower pattern is a plus! 😉

A crop top and a skirt is also a good choice! And don’t forget the flowers they’re a must in this season! 😉

You can find both the vintage skirt and the dress in the shop:

I have a surprise for this SkirtBike event, so stayed tuned on Facebook and Instagram!

Here are more inspirational bike fashion styles, you can find all the images and sources on Pinterest


Ps: It’s weird but I’ve just discovered that there is no  feminine for bikegirl in the other languages.I’ve searched in english, french and italian. So girls, feel free to write down if there’s a bikegirl word in your language, it would be fun to find out!


Ps2: We have a loop giveaway on our instagram page if you’re interested! Check it out!

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7 thoughts on “Bicycle fashion style”

  1. Not sure I’d like to bike in a dress of skirt 😉 but those outfits sure are pretty.
    There’s no special word in French, but you can say “un cycliste” for a boy and “une cycliste” for a girl…

  2. Wow! I loved this post. Your outfit is so stylish! I admit that till now I was always dressing in the most comfortable outfit to go on bike. This post will definetely change my bike outfits!

  3. Reminds me of a bike-ride I did in Ireland. I was visiting relatives in a remote area, and there was a really nice valley with a good road for cycling, very popular among the US tourists. So I decided to do the tour, and was on a reasonable good race-bike, dressed in my usual torn jeans and leather jacket, and came across a group of Americans in full outfits, the tight bicycle padded pants, correct shoes, all wearing helmets. Possibly they though I was looking as ridiculous as they did 🙂
    End of the tour I met them again in a pub where we all had a good guiness to end the tour.

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