365 days Outfit Challenge

365 Outfit Challenge

After so much time I took the decision that I definitely need a challenge in my life!

Nooo, it’s not because I don’t find my life challenging enough but I think that you can grow and evolve through such an experience!

So “Let meeeeeeeeeee introduce youuuuuuuuuuuuu” (sings with a terrible voice the well-known and “entertaining” song) to my 365 days outfit challenge!

Yep, it starts today!

Yep, it will take an year!

Yep, I’m f***d!

Worries aside I made some lovely pictures for my first 365 Outfit post with the National Romanian Costume and with my bike for the National Ia Day ( IA= the traditional Romanian blouse) that melted with another holiday Dragaica/Sanzienele.


And look downnn, I have some tips for having different and worriles outfit everyday! (I hope this will help me in the days to come 😉 )















And a photo with my traditional “Maramures” blouse that I think was from the winter collection because OMG it was hottttt!

I dedicate this one last photo to all my highschool and middleschool classmates! I know that now it looks cool and nice but you guys have to wear for just 10 minutes our dance costumes to remember  why we wanted to bad the dance class to be over :)))))



I think you all know and read the article about Matilda Kahl story “Wearing the exact outfit at work everyday” and I have to admit that YES! sorting a different outfit everyday it’s not so easy! And if it’s a work outfit it’s even harder!

We’re all questioned ourselves at least one morning per week “What the hell  I will be wearing today?” And we’ve never have had an easy answer!

Of course you can choose and take inspiration from what Matilda did, choose a uniform and stick to it! But is this actually what you want?

We can find many reasons of why an uniform is a good idea but I’m sure we could also find reasons and studies that shows us that is NOT! There is a uniform psychology, there are pros and cons, does it make you belong or it’s just a way of giving you a “crowd” mentality?

Beside the uniform idea there are a few tips& tricks of how you can have a nice outfit everyday and don’t have a headache thinking about it.

  • You got an outfit that gets lots of compliments? Repeat it every few weeks and just change the accessories or your hairstyle
  • Prepare your clothes the evening before. You won’t be so stressed and you can have a night to “sleep on it”
  • Style the basics with some amazing items
  • Accessories can make even a simple overrated black dress look impressing (Remember “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”)
  • Make a board on Pinterest with some favorite outfits and get inspired
  • Follow a few bloggers that you like and that fit your style on social media for inspiration
  • Don’t forget that attitude matters the most, so match your clothes with it and  give it a personal touch
  • When you shopping buy the outfits on the mannequins/models if they’re in your style, they are already studied by a stylist

If you have any more tips don’t keep them for yourself ;)! Please share it in the dialog box below!

N joy!

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