Geometric prints

365 Outfit Challenge

Today it’s all about geometry and a little poetry!

Nothing much to say about it, I think they go together really well!

And I’ll just share with you some links here with some nice geometric/poetic things I like!

1. This video-Poetic

2. This pattern– Geometric

3.This image– Poetic

4. This project– Geometric

5. This graphic– Poetic

6. This blouse– Geometric

7. This bracelet– Poetic

8. This animation– Both

And the pics:

IMG_5843IMG_5833 IMG_5834  IMG_5844 IMG_5856 IMG_5871 IMG_5874

I am wearing: Vintage geometric patterned skirt- soon on selenefashion; Blue crop top; circle necklace- H&M; Greek sandals-Pull & Bear





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