Prints-mix them like an IT girl and what I wore to the Hofburg Palace

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Vienna- the third day! Clouds on the sky (that’s why I’m happy!)

This time we’ve been to the Hofburg Palace where we visited the Sisi Museum, The Imperial Crown Treasury and the Imperial Chambers!

So here are the photos , I’ve been addicted to mixing prints for a few days now and I’ve really like the result for this one!

What I did? I mixed small separate prints, that had were in the same


These are the tips I found on Wiki-how (which by the way I didn’t even knew they had a section for mixing prints!!!)

1. Repeat colors. The most essential thing to remember when you’re mixing prints is that the prints should have at least one color in common

2. Pick a big print and a small print. If you have too many prints in the same size, your outfit could end up looking busy.

3. Follow the 60-30-10 rule. If you’re mixing three different prints, aim to have the largest print take up 60 percent of the look, choose a medium print to comprise 30 percent of the look, and have the smallest print make up the last 10 percent.

4. Use a solid to break up prints

5. Mix two similar prints. Prints that are similar in scale but come in slightly different colors can layer beautifully

6. Consider stripes a neutral. Stripes are so easy to mix with other prints that they may as well be considered a neutral.

7. Mix polka dots with plaid or stripes

8. Mix two kinds of animal prints. Style experts often say that “animal on animal” is the way to go when mixing prints.

9. Mix black and white prints. You can’t go wrong when you mix two different black and white prints.

10. If you want to use the same pattern, invert the colors.

11. Play with the size of the prints.

12. Use the exact same pattern in a larger or smaller scale or pair two types of the same print.

13. Tie a plaid shirt or printed sweatshirt around your waist for an easy and casual dose of added print.


IMG_8073 IMG_8074 IMG_8087 IMG_8089 IMG_8093 IMG_8108


I am wearing: Vintage skirt, Vintage top, Loop earrings H&M, Vintage Backpack, Metallic sneakers- Bershka

Picture Gallery with mixed prints:


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