In the Prince Private Gardens

365 Outfit Challenge Tips&Tricks

OK, so maybe not every day you might wanna’ dress to impress (although I have to be against this conception 😛 ).
But, there are some occasion in your life that you will want to look and feel like a Princess! It might be an amazing party at the palace, a New Year’s eve or a beautiful wedding!
And we have to recognize it, right now it’s wedding season! At least in Romania it is!
While the wedding season here depends very much on religious traditions (there are no weddings during yeast-which means about 1/3 of the year it’s out) in the rest of the world it might just depend of the future bride and groom!
So, because it’s wedding season and because it’s a struggle to find a great dress I taught about making a list with shops were you can find a nice dress, at a reasonable price and without having to be afraid that someone else will have the exact same dress as you!
1. Shop for vintage dresses – They are unique (it never happens to me to see the same vintage dress twice ), they are cheaper than a new one and you can find them even online (there are plenty of vintage shops, on Etsy for example)

2.  Make your own dress – Either if you have the skills or you go to a professional seamstress, it will be for sure unique and the price might be smaller than the one for a new dress. You can find materials at material outlets and deposits and I’m sure you know at least a seamstress that can help you! In order to find the perfect model for you, make a Pinterest board with the dresses you love and inspire you!
3. Choose a designer or a handmade artist! The young designers and the handmade artist are usually making their pieces in small editions or even one-of-the-kind, and even if the price it’s bigger you’l know that you have an amazing dress, created just for you with a design process behind and/or a lot of work that makes your item valuable!
In the near future I’ll drop a list with Romanian designers that are creating beautiful dresses!
And here are the photos with my vintage handmade dress that I worn in Vienna in the Price Secret Garden, near Schonbrunn Palace!


IMG_7508 IMG_7518 IMG_7525 IMG_7527 IMG_7531 IMG_7534 IMG_7543 IMG_7563 IMG_7567 IMG_7571 IMG_7579 IMG_7586 IMG_7590


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