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Although the photos I’ve been making at the Marble Beach look like I’ve got there in a  carriage and stayed there in a beach bed, if that’s how it’s called, all day long, the reality is that I don’t like to stay still at the beach.

I love the sea, but I can’t stay in the sun nor the shadow and just lay around and maybe get some sleep.

That’s why I always do something at the beach. It might be something that I’ve learned to do as a kid, but I know that the moment I’m on a sandy beach I’ll just have to build a sand castle with fortification and all that comes with that!

So I taught I’ll share with you some of the activities that you can do at the beach that I’ve already try or I would like to try!

1. Building a sand castle- As stated before this is one of my favorite activities since I was a child. It might seem stupid, but it’s fun and challenging, at least for an architect it is 😛

2. Making a beach tent– If the beach is empty and there are no trees or umbrellas it’s a good way of creating the protecting shadow in a sunny day! Plus you’ll feel Robinson’s struggles but also his good moments ;)- pics of the tent we made : here.

3. Make loads of pictures– Memories from the beach are the best. And you’ll get to relive your vacations while you look at it.

4. Draw messages in the sand– and make pics afterwards of course 😛

5. Make a bottle with a message– and launch it at sea. Make sure you put your email in it, maybe you’ll receive news from someone far far away 😀

6. Collect pebbles, shells, seaweed and other “found” objects- take them home and make an arrangement or use them into your crafty projects!

7. Make a solar watch– I know we all have watches on our smartphones and at our wrists, but believe me it’s much more fun to doubt the time of the day.

8. Do some sports- beach volley, Frisbee, Badminton, you choose it

9. Make a treasure hunt– organized in two teams

10. Fly a kite– I didn’t do this since i was so little that know I don’t remember how it worked :))

If you have fun additions just share it with us!

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3 thoughts on “Fun things to do at the beach”

  1. Dressing up and looking gorgeous is also a good thing to do 🙂

    For me, no way I can just lie on the beach.
    -I love to play frisbee and beach volley!
    -Swimming is cool, wind-surfing and sailing is cooler 🙂
    -I used to make my own kites, so yeah, good fun
    -Take a kayak out
    -And finally, on the baltic beaches I search for amber!! Lots of little pieces wash up!

  2. I collect pebbles and shells, I walk along the shore, I lie down and I watch the sky and the clouds listening to the waves. When I’m near the sea I’m happy, in peace and I can feel the rhythm of the universe.

  3. Well it is no surprise when I say that I collect shells etc 🙂 I also hate to lie on a sunbed, I never sit still on a beach although I often go to one 🙂 You look very chic, I never look so chic on the beach, well often not elsewhere either 🙂

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