Between the olive trees

365 Outfit Challenge What I Wore

This photos were taken in the garden of our hotel were there were many olive trees! Actually on the whole Thassos island there were lots of olive trees, the land that could be used as to grow something on it had of course some olive trees. It’s clear that they were really keen on nurturing the trees because each one of them had an irigation pipe near the roots.

Since the garden was so nice I’ve taught to make some pics. Unfortunately I didn’t find any bay laurel so that I could make a wreath, but since I graduated a lot of time ago I guess there’s no loss there :P. Instead I’ve added my colorful flower crown.

The intention was to have a nice outfit that somehow resmbles the one of the ancient greeks and I was really lucky because I’ve just had received a nice pair of leather greek sandals handmade in Greece, in Skala Rachoni from my aunt!

Some random facts I found about the old costumes in Greece:

1. Since it was so hot, the clothes were loose, made of a simple piece of fabric that they draped around the body. The fabric was the same one used to make blankets at home and it was linen or wool.

2. The clothes were handmade since they cost a lot bigger if bought from the market.Women sometimes wore an epiblema (shawl) over the peplos or chiton

3. They wore accesories to fasten the drapes like : fibulas, pins, buttons, a belt on the waist

4. the floor-length garments  were usually long enough to be pulled over the belt, creating a pouch known as a kolpos.

5. Greek women (except slave women) wore their hair long. The hair is piled up at the back of the head in place with a net and ribbons. Hair was curled, arranged in interesting and carefully designed styles, and held in place with scented waxes and lotions. Diadems, and other gold hair decorations, were worn on special occasions.

6. Both women and men wore sandals, slippers, soft shoes, or boots, although at home they usually went barefoot.

7. Using ashes as eye shadow, white lead was used to make skin paler, the juice of the alkanet root was used like rouge, they even used lipstick.

If you would like to read more head over these sites: wikipedia, ancient, novaroma, wikibooks, ancientgreece, worldhistory

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Hope you like them 🙂


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