The Mod dress

365 Outfit Challenge

When someone said Mod dress I always tough about Twiggy and her “Christmas Ball” earrings. I call them like that but they’re known as the Disco Ball earrings.

And what about mod fashion? Actually mod was a subculture that appeared in the Great Britain in the 60’s that focused on fashion and music. A group of stylish young men were called “modernists” because they were listening to modern jazz. So what were the ways you could dress in a mod fashion as a girl:

1. Know the colors- color blocking or pale color are the thing

2. Dress androgynous with a short haircut- reject the 50’s fashion

3. Wear a miniskirt or a short dress

4. Try sleeveless tops and big sweaters

5. Spot bold, geometric patterns

6. Add accessories : scarfs, statement earrings, big sunglasses

7. What better asset to complete your look than a Vespa

And here’s my little mod dress outfit!

My photos were taken in the lovely garden of Pallets, one of my most beloved places!



IMG_2052IMG_2027 IMG_2075 IMG_2077 IMG_2088

I am wearing: Pink mod dress, Zara shoes, H&m earrings, Pandora bracelet

Love, A.


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