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Glitter-my first encounter with it was not the one when In was drawing with some glitter crayons or glue but it was with a glitter dress! Since it was before the Revolution, we didn’t had the amazing things the west did, including glitter glue or maybe glitter nail polish.
All we had were materials made in Romania (no imports at that time) and almost all the nice clothes were handmade at home or by the seamstress.
So my mum had this amazing summer costume from her younger years, made of a glitter fabric.
It was amazing! It was held in another room along with some scarp fabric and the porcelain my mum cherished. From time to time I was just going there and put it on an imagined myself being a princess…
The peak was when I was a fairy queen in my kindergarten last year and I was dressed with it! In PUBLIC! I still love that costume, too bad I have only the photos left!
So why I am telling this story here? Because that was my WOW item! The glitter was like a magic power, meant to be worn just at special occasions. So maybe that’s why I didn’t worn glitter afterwards  because it was special and for a special occasion.

Glitter and sparkle- we remember them from the days of our childhood, they were promised to princesses in silver castles and they were everything we ever dreamed of!

But right now times have changed, we can see glitter out and about even in daytime! Of course, it doesn’t have the same sparkle but it still has it’s magic! The latest trend is adding some glitter to your daily outfit. It could be just accessories, it could be a dress or a a piece of clothing.

What did I do?

I added more glitter and silver items all together and transformed my look from princess into urban punk 😉

Pics here!

IMG_1687 IMG_1691 IMG_1745 IMG_1779 IMG_1791 IMG_1799 IMG_1802


I am wearing: Pull&Bear black dress, Vintage glitter sweater, Vintage backpack, Stradivarius glitter socks, Berskha metallic sneakers

Anda 😉

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