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How to wear sneakers to your urban outfit?

In the last few years it appears sneakers became more popular trough fashionistas! Right now the running shoes (mostly Nike and NN) and the Adidas albi, are the type of sneakers preferred outside the fashion shows in the fashion capitals of the world.

It seems that the trend didn’t started from the runaway instead it was first seen on the streets, outside the fashion shows and on the fashion blogs. It’s one of the most seen urban fashion item in street style lately. And when I say urban I mean the fashion in the big cities influenced by the cultures and the musics if the many people that live in it, including the hip-hoppers.

Sneakers are not only present in the hip-hop culture, they’re the only type of shoes accepted! There are even songs about shoes, and they’re pretty famous according to Youtube ranks. (Mike WiLL Made-It – 23  ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J).

Until this micro-trend emerged and became an actual trend, the world of fashion or actually the young people (who are known to influence fashion the most and get influenced by it) worn the Converse sneakers with every outfit and almost every occasion. This is a trend that goes back to the grunge era when Kurt Cobain was one of the world trendsetters. Wearing sneakers, a pair of ripped jeans and a band T shirt had it’s way of telling “I don’t care how I look, it’s more important what I do and how I think!” Having such an important message to carry with, of course it became popular and it’s still popular today.

What did the fashion world with this type of shoes which used to be comfortable and easy-going? They transformed it into high fashion accessories making them loose their impact.


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