Fun planter DIY


Sooo, prepare for another cool DIY project because yes, there is one over here!

I had this tiny little fellow that we’ll call from now on the porcelain doll?! or the Man. 😛 This was actually a little freebie you get in certain exhibitions or fairs from big companies. They usually give you different small products (mostly pens :)) ) with the company name written on it. The Man had a green company name that I fiercely removed with nail-polish remover. And also usually those tiny things get thrown away after because you can’t easily fit something like that into your home decor. But since I am on a pledge to recycle as much as I can, I don’t throw anything away!

So, I had the idea to transform the Man into a cooler Dude! How I did it?

You can see it here!



You will need:

  1. Happy plant (with easy removable roots)
  2. Vintage chinaware with a hole
  3. Flower earth
  4. Wood stick

Below you’ll find instructions!



IMG_6284 IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6298 IMG_6303 IMG_6304 IMG_6306 IMG_6308



  1. So, prepare the chinaware, wash it thoroughly
  2. Take a little piece of your mother-plant but make sure it has roots
  3. Get the chinaware 3/4 fulled with plant earth
  4. Put in the plant
  5. Add more earth and damp it

That’s it! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

aa IMG_6324


Love, A.


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