New Year non-resolutions and why I’m proud of last year ones

365 Outfit Challenge

Hello in the new year! (I already write it in lower case letters since where already day four here!!!)

While until today I’ve had countless afternoon naps and almost never woken up before noon it was time to come back to the daily reality. Yes, it’s cruel.. But we can make the best of it, right? For example we finally have some snow which is nice cuz’ it prolongs the Holiday feeling!

So let’s begin, why I am proud of my 2015:

1.  My goodreads challenge which I actually surpassed, yuhuuu. You can see the books I’ve read Here. I am definitely thinking of adding a new category on the blog where I can drop some personal reviews on books.

2. Being closer to my family while I don’t live near them. Calling my grandma everyday was something that definitely cheered me up!

3. I realized I can do more with what I have (even if what I have is little) and that for someone else “my little” is theirs “a lot”!

4. Meeting amazing people, old friends and new ones- among I have to prompt SkirtBike calendar girls and attend (and here you have to read bike on) lovely events with them! You can read here about one of them!

5. And for making the huge step (for a timeless person like me- who writes the blog-posts at 3 AM in the night :))) ) to open this blog and take a 365 Challenge- that began here and took another road here

And of course I am thankful to my dearest (who is in charge of my photos- and who “bears with” every single second :D), to my mother who is my best critic and photographer and hidden :)) supporter and to my lovely friends who always encouraged me! (even in the moments when I’ve taught about giving up!)

What am I to do in 2016? I don’t know just yet :), let’s see what this year will bring..right now I feel it’s full of possibilities!

What about your goals and achievements?

A little collage with some of my most beloved photos 🙂



Love, Anda 🙂


9 thoughts on “New Year non-resolutions and why I’m proud of last year ones”

  1. It is very good to look back, and see what gave you joy. It means you can tailor your future around these topics, discard what does not work, and embrace on what gives you happiness.
    Have a nice 2016!

  2. It was great year! 🙂
    So beautiful photos!

    Wish you in this 2016 year have a lot of good things, happy feelings and be proud about this year in next 😉

  3. Ha! I like the goodreads website. I’ll have to see if there’s an app for that, I love reading, but I never really keep track and sometimes I’m lazy 🙂
    Wonderful achievements!
    For my part, I think the biggest achievement was to find my way to art again and make the daily mini veggie challenge.
    I’ve been super productive in 2015, not sure I can top that 😀

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