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As many of you know ( and if not-you can check the following links throughout this discussion) 2015 was a decisive year in regards of climate change awareness.
While our world struggles with many wars, discrimination of all kind, modern slavery and types of cruelty, pollution is also an important matter that not many of us realize it has an incredible impact on our natural habitat and on the bio-diversity of our world.
Why does this affect us you will wonder?
As a matter of fact I’m sure we didn’t expect to affect us in our lifespan-since this changes are supposed to take a hundreds of years.
The scary fact is that we can see some climate changes that are visible right now. And I’m gonna give you just one example: this snow-less winter holidays (and this is going for a few years already) winter holidays-without snow!
Yes, it’s a fact of no importance, something that has nothing to do with climate( the holidays not the winter :)) ) nevertheless something that affects us more than the TV talks and internet news.
We are build, or maybe, educated this way! The lack of holiday feeling because of global warming is something we can’t ignore or refuse to see!
So, here we are, feeling that something’s wrong but not knowing what.. Here’s again the human brain with the incapacity to think on such a big scale. Here’s the human being again thinking about himself and not about the species or the planet.
So what can WE do? Because let’s be frank it takes a huge amount of effort to make this change!

In my opinion there are a few things that we can do as human beings:

1. Educate yourself about the climate change (here are some links with links and links :)) )

2. Recycle and repair more! How many of us do still fasten the holes in their clothes? Recycle clothes, electronics and everything that can be reused.(about vintage clothes recycling I’ve written here).  Here’s Heyme’s blog post about something we can all do! The proof that it can be done, below in the video!

3. Buy less! Do you actually need all the electronics you have in your house? How many times per year do you use some of them? And don’t get me talking about clothes! There’s a domain I can get improved myself.

4. Stop following the trends. No matter in which domain trends are there to make you buy more! I understand that there are new gadgets coming out every year and some of them are so exciting, but how many of the ones you bought you actually used? And how many of them are they actually useful? How did they improve your life?

5. “Invest” in people instead of things!
Easier to said that done.. And I’m not talking about becoming a social animal here :)). Try to help people around you, make your time or your money worth their true value! This video about evaluating your time that Stephanie shared explains how can we value it!

And the video 🙂

I would try to do all things above, as much as I can because even tough you think the changes are to come from “above” they are actually supposed to come from “within”.

And because of all the Eco-talk, I taught to share with you this vintage (recycled of course 😛 ) dress that I cherish a lot! Don’t forget to keep it positive while doing even the hardest things!



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You can find the dress here 🙂


Love, Anda



7 thoughts on “A new Eco year”

  1. I do my best with all of that 🙂 My last phone I used 5.5 years and then it died, I took it to a repair guy but it couldn’t get fixed, and then I got a new one 🙂 Clothes and shoes: haven’t bought any for years 🙂 And fixing and repairing, even socks, gives me a thrill 🙂

  2. I 100% agree, and as you said, it’s not just doing the right thing for the planet, it’s also about becoming a better person…and so many people still refuses to see the link…

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