A glimpse from the past

365 Outfit Challenge
I finally got to talk about what happens after this busy but beautiful time of the year.
Did you know that some people have post holiday depression? I mean yes, we all feel sad when they’re over. Who doesn’t want to sleep until something PM, to read non stop, relax all day, take a nap whenever or even go in a more exotic place and do all the above.
I knowwwww, some of you like to party like crazy and sleep all day after that! Some of you love the seasonal sports, especially because you get a nice portion of nature too!
Well I’m the sleeping kind šŸ˜›
And returning to the usual routine it’s not easy in any of this cases!
What I love going home for holidays is that the weather was fine and I took some photos while traveling to a small mountain town. You’ll find the photos after a few advice ;).
So how can we return to our selves, after this long break? Here are some advice:
1. Make everyday a kind of vacation (and I don’t meant to start with a cocktail :P)-you can dress like you’re going in an exotic place for example
2. Make up plans for the next vacation šŸ˜›
3. Think about how your holidayĀ can fetch good changesĀ in your life
4. Share your experiences and photos with people around you
5. Take some time to return to your daily schedule after the holidays- tip: take a few days of work leave when works begins, so you can lay and sleep all day šŸ˜› while your teammates work šŸ˜›
6. Make a change in your life-it can be a exciting thing

Here are some photos from the first days of the vacation when everything was nice and cool šŸ˜›

See I’m sharing with you some photosĀ here šŸ™‚

IMG_4931 IMG_4952 Ā IMG_4987IMG_4961 IMG_4991

I am wearing the all vintage clothes that will be on SeleneFashion

Love, AndaĀ 

12 thoughts on “A glimpse from the past”

  1. Yeah, I’ve struggled with post-Christmas-holiday depression in the past years. Not last year, thanks to the daily veggie challenge, and this year so far, it’s ok. (crossing fingers!)
    For me it’s more about working like hell during Christmas season, feeling the high of Christmas (it is my favorite holiday) and then you arrive in January, and there’s just the empty cold left. Meh.
    My tip to stay out of depression is to create daily, but I belong to those creative nut-cases. So basically occupy your hands so your head stays sane.

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