DIY mushroom decoration


So it’s time for a new DIY project, this time, some mushroom decoration perfect for this spring!

Well, the truth is that I made this for a good friend as a present for Christmas because she wanted them a lot! But since mushrooms are more likely to be a decoration for spring and summer here they are with a complete tutorial!

You can choose to use them as table decoration, flower decorations or whatever decoration you need as long as it fits your needs!

They look great with green plants! You’ll see at the end of the tutorial that they look really nice embellishing a green plant!

So here we go!

What do you need:

  • scissors
  • crayon
  • red thread
  • white thread
  • white embroidery thread (or some thicker thread)
  • needle
  • white felt
  • red felt
  • cotton or another material for filling


  1. First of all make two circle shapes out of paper with the crayon . A bigger one and a smaller one(I’ve cut the smaller one just a few milimeters smaller because we still have to sew the two of them together)

part 1

2. Cut the white felt in the form of the smaller circle and the red one- the bigger circle

part 2

3. Start sewing. Place the white felt circle in the middle of the red one

4. Try to sew it even and to keep the same space between the white circle and the red one so that you won’t sew it in a margin.

part 3

5. After you finished sewing you can start filling the mushroom.I’ve used cotton but you can use whatever suits you more (small pieces of fabric for example)

6. Close the whole by sewing it till the end and change the thread to red. Make a knot and start from the white push the needle trough the whole mushroom so that it gets out on the red side.

part 4

7. Start embroiding the mushroom top. I didn’t used any particular thehnique (maybe because I don’t know any :))) ) so be sure you can do it too! There are also alternatives- sewing white beads instead of embroidery or even small round patches of white felt.(those were my ideas) but feel free to add your own in the comments below!

part 5

8. For the stype (wich is called a tail over here :)) ) I’ve used a rectangular piece of white felt that I’ve rolled into a cilinder. I did that only to save some time but you can stuff the tail with the same material as the head.

9. Now sew the two of them together andddd It’s done!

part 6





I hope you liked it! If you have any questions please ask them bellow in the comment box!

And please do share your DIY fun projects!

Love, A.

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