What I wore to Salonul Bicicletei

365 Outfit Challenge What I Wore

If you haven’t read it yet- here’s my post about Salonul Bicicletei that was just last weekend! And as you I told you back then, I wanted to make a post with the outfit that I was spotting!

I’ve chosen an urban style outfit (thanks for the suggestion to Oana from SkirtBike!) that I enjoyed a lot! Even if it was so cold outside ;)!Okkk, I admit, I stayed mostly inside but I wasn’t cold there either :P!

What I liked the most was the crocheted hat wich I tottaly love! Since this winter was so hot, I didn’t got to wear it so much so I was actually happy for the few days in March when the temperatures dropped below 5 or 6 degrees Celsius because I got to wear my super-cozy super-warm hat!

Even tough I like to dress up and so on-I despise people that underdress just for the sake of fashion trends! I mostly see women caught on “glass” or in photos on the streets (at the fashions shows- that always happend in the early spring or late fall- so when it’s cold outside) never wearing tights! It’s like the old fashioned transparent (actually nude) tights are the biggest no-no in terms of fashion week! Of course there are times that you see them without jackets- just with a T-shirt but I’m sure they have a jacket somewhere that they’ve tossed for the sake of good pics!

Since I do like to feel warm- I always have hat, tights, socks- sometimes more than one pair worn at once! And yes, I feel amazing while beeing chic (ohhh well… this is my opinion of course- for some of you Imight look like a bear or something 😛 ).

And here’s a song that suits my style today that I digg 😀

Hope you liked them!


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