Time for dresses

365 Outfit Challenge

Yep, spring is here and it smells a lot like summer!

So here are the latest things that I find really cool:

  1. The East– I’ve seen this movie a while ago and since I have such a short memory I forgot all about it :D. So when I found it again I was mesmerized! Beacause the general idea seems similar with the on in Mr. Robot and because of Alexander Skarsgård of courseee
  2. I don’t remember if I shared this song so far, so here it goes: Hozier baby!
  3. These rings that I totally love to stack!
  4. This cool idea that Prajiturela had: #iubescmiculdejun and started last week! Can’t wait too check it out too after the fasting ends!
  5. This DIY idea! Can’t wait to have more time for thissss!
  6. This photo– because summer it’s here and we can start biking!
  7. This dress– full of tiny tiny flowers!
  8. The Chicineta plates- she just launched a new collection! Here it goes!
  9. Sneakers– I’m obsessed with sneakersssssss as you miht see in my shoes board!
  10. And finnaly but not least- this video!


I am wearing a vintage dress soon on Selenefashion!














I am wearing: Vintage dress- soon on Seleneafashion, Hat and shoes- HM

Love, A.

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