Back to basics


It’s Easter time! Actually it was Easter time until today :). So I tought about sharing with you  few pics from my weekend home where I got back to basics! These are photos from my grandparents house!

I hope you like them, I had a marvelous time there, especially because of the nice weather ( didn’t rain a bit!).

Below you’ll find a few pics with glimpses from my childhood:

  • the garden that it’s a nice young spring green right now, the small vineyard where I used to play as a kid, the dandelions from wich I used to make nice accesories like bracelet s and necklaces :D,
  • the flowers that my grandma had each and every year-“muscata romaneasca”(translated as the Romanian “pelargonium”);
  • “Labuta” (translated as Little Paw) our grandparents dog that my cousin rescued when he was little (wich by the way it’s the most energic and full of love dog I’ve seen in my life),
  • the patterns of the handmade door mats that my grandmother is making from scraps of old clothes (talking about recycling remeber?),
  • the traditions of paiting red eggs for Easter, the traditional embroidery from our area using black and red on white cloth (made by my mother when she was young) and my favourite garden green: parsley that my grandma planted especially for Easter

I hope you liked all these bits! In the next post I will share a cute tutorial about Easter eggs 😀


IMG_8117IMG_8080 IMG_8131 IMG_8135 IMG_8141 IMG_8145 IMG_8147 IMG_8160

Love, A.

7 thoughts on “Back to basics”

  1. Beautiful pictures and it looks like a wonderful place!
    My grand mother, and my mother now, makes those kind of mats as well. To me it is so natural that I have not thought of it as recycling. 🙂

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