Conferinta Digital Divas

What I Wore

Cum a fost la Digital Divas? Daca ar fi sa #sumitup, destul de interesant la prezentari/conferinte destul de plictisitor la premiere! Este prima data cand am mers la acest eveniment care mie, din afara, imi lasa impresia ca este exclusivist si extraordinar iar cand am ajuns acolo am revenit cu picioarele pe pamant pentru ca divele sunt …

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Sea dress

365 Outfit Challenge

What I like about vintage clothes is that they always have a story! Beside the actual story (of that specific piece) there’s also the story of a fashion line, of the style and of the trend that used to be in vogue some decades ago. Let’s take for example the navy sailor dress (Yeahhhh, because …

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